Friday, May 27, 2011

Orkut Album Hack Save Picture in orkut

Orkut Album Hack Download Picture in orkut

Many time we like to download pictures from our friends album but orkut has disable right click on their album so we cannot download their pictures from albums.Here is simple by which you can download pictures from your friends album.

Method 1

1. Open Orkut using Firefox

2.Then go to tools ,Next open page info

3.Click on the media option

4.You can see a list of pictures found in that page and there will be a preview option in it using it select the picture, Click on save.You image will be save.
For next picture, repeat from the first step

Method 2

This is very simple open your friend album and picture that you want to save on your hard disk.Click on that image and drag it to you desktop.You image will be save their.

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