Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Convert MS Access Database to SQL Server Database

Hello guys at this time i will show to you on how to convert your MS Access
SQL Server Database, to do this, just follow those few
steps below.

on your MS
database, go to Database Tools, go to Move Data tab,
then click
SQL Server

the Up-sizing wizard will prompt, allowing you to use an option, at this
time since
i am not using Existing Database, so i select Create new
, then Click Next

i am converting to SQL Server, if you do this, you must enter your
current SQL
Server name, since i am using Developer Edition
of SQL Server
, the server name
is only my computer name,
not like if i am using Express, my server name will look like
MRHUMBLE\Express, that is the one differences of Express and
Dev. Edition
and  for more knowledge about their differences i will
tackled those later,but now let focus
on this tutorial, then Enter
Database name
, but now i am using the Default

it will look like this, select the table you want up-size, then click the
Left Arrow button
for you to Export on SQL Server, then
follow the next step below,

is the default up-sizing

here you go,,,,

hitting the OK button, you will came out with up-sizing

you can see at the image above, the default Database Name, create by the
is on my SQL Server, and together with the

Note: the Sql Server Database that i am using is SQL Server
2005 Dev. Edition and

MS Access

The Hardest Thing to Do is to Do Nothing ^_^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Top 15 Free Software Download Websites On The Web

Top Software WebsitesAs computer users we need different software to meet different needs all the time. Over the years various software companies and a lot of talented developers and programmers have created some awesome programs which are available for download online.

It's not always easy to find the perfect software that we really need and which would get the job done for us. This is where the software download websites come in handy.

They not only host the software on their own servers, so that its available for download 24/7 but also categorize them properly so that its easy for us to explore and find the software we are looking for.

The other important aspect about these sites is that they scan all the programs on their sites to make sure they are free of spyware and viruses. Almost all the mentioned sites have an active user community, who review the software and give feedback, so you can make an informed decision before you download and files. Lets look at a few sites which have made their mark on the internet with their huge collection of software and easy navigation options.

1) Download.com


Download.com is the mother of all software download websites. It's the oldest of its type and was established about 14 years ago. This site is owned by CNet, one of the biggest names in Technology News and Products reviews on the Internet.

It has huge repository of computer software for all platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Mobile applications. They also cover web-based applications and services.  The Software section includes over 100,000 freeware, shareware, and try-first downloads.

Downloads are often rated and reviewed by editors and contain a summary of the file from the software publisher. Registered users may also write reviews and rate the product.

2) FileHippo.com

Filehippo dot com

FileHippo is one my favorite freeware download website. It offers freeware as well as shareware.

It also offers the FileHippo Update Checker, a small program that scans your computer for installed software from the FileHippo site and suggests available updates for it. Keeping computer software updated is an important step in keeping your computer secure. The FileHippo update checker helps you helps you do that with ease.

3) ZDNet Download

ZDNet Downloads

ZDNet's Software Directory is the Web's largest library of software downloads. Covering software for Windows, Mac, and Mobile systems, ZDNet's Software Directory is the best source for technical software. They list both Freeware and Shareware downloads.

4) Softpedia.com

Softpedia Downloads

Softpedia is a Romanian website that indexes information and provides downloads for software. The site also indexes major technology, science, health, and entertainment news.

Software categories are arranged hierarchically and are modeled after Windows filesystem paths, such as "C: > Mobile Phone >  Tools > Nokia." Users can sort by criteria such as the date of the last update, the number of downloads, or the rating. There are three viewing modes, normal, freeware, or shareware, which allows users to screen out certain types of software.

5) Tucows.com

Twcows dot com

Tucows (originally an acronym for The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock  Software, a name which has long since been dropped) . It has a popular website directory of shareware, freeware, and demo  software packages available to download.

A system of mirror sites are maintained to allow the traffic to the site to be distributed among several world-wide server locations. Tucows has software for many major computer platforms including Windows, Linux and Macintosh, and also older versions of Windows (most notably the Windows 3.x series). They also cover web-based Apps and Services.

6) FreewareFiles.com

FreewareFiles dot com

FreewareFiles, as the name indicates a website dedicated to Freeware software and have a number of Open Sources programs listed. They have over 15800 freeware programs available for download on their website. The programs are arranged in categories and it's quite easy to navigate and find the ones you are looking for.

7) MajorGeeks.com

MajorGeeks dot com

MajorGeeks is here to help you get the most out of your computer mainly by offering tools to the beginner or advanced user. It was previously known as TweakFiles in 1997, but since have been renamed. This site is run and maintained by 2 friends Jim and Tim, and their excellent sense of humor gives this site a more personal touch.

Many of the files found here give you a nice interface and even explain things for you in simple terms. Many do not even make modifications until you apply them.

The files provided for download are checked for quality before they are posted. This simply means every program is checked to be sure it basically does what it promises and is spyware and virus free. MajorGeeks has an excellent user community who help new users with computer issues as well as keep a tab on irregularities in software.

8: SnapFiles.com

SnapFiles dot com

SnapFiles is another veteran download website. Established in 1997 it has a huge software collection and was previously known as WebAttack, but they have now rebranded as SnapFiles. Good move, since WebAttack sounds more like a hackers website(just kidding). You can still access Snapfiles from webattack.com.

9) FileCluster.com

FileCluster dot com

FileCluster is one of the newer download websites. It's established in 2006 and has since provided visitors with the latest and updated software. The site provides both Freeware and Shareware programs. They also list WordPress Themes and Latest News about Software Companies.

10) Geardownload.com

Geardownload dot com

GearDownload is another new site on the block with a decent software collection. They might not be the biggest website in this niche, but have carved out a name for themselves because of regular updates.

Geardownload also checks all uploaded files for Malware and only clean files are approved for download.

11) Soft32.com

Soft32 dot com

Soft32 was established in 2003 and since has updated its software directory regularly. It covers freeware and shareware software for Windows, Mac and Linux along with Mobile/PDA and has a special iPhone apps section.

It has a repository of 87587 programs, and features a Windows forum for getting help with Windows OS issues.

12) Softonic.com

Softonic dot com

Softonic was established in 1997 and is Europe's leading software download site with more than 105,000 freeware, shareware and trial version software titles available with reviews written in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Polish.The English language portal was launched in November 2005.

Softonic International is committed to offering the latest software for all users, on all platforms, with reviews in the world's most popular languages. One of the cool features of Softonic is a unique software comparison tool that allows you to evaluate multiple programs side-by-side.

13) Freewarehome.com

Freewarehome dot com

Freewarehome is a download site dedicated to freeware downloads only. No Shareware programs are listed. It has an old school design with navigation menu in the left frame and the details in the right frame.

The programs are listed in categories and the navigation is easy to understand.

14) Freedownloadcenter.com

Freedownloadcenter dot com

Freedownloadcenter was established in 2001 and is another site with an old school design. It has over 30000 software titles to download. They list both Freeware and Shareware downloads, which are neatly categorized which makes it easy for visitors to find and download the required software.

15) Opensourcemac.org

OpenSourceMac dot com

All the sites that we have listed before this focus mainly on Windows software. Open Source Mac is a simple list of the best free and open source software for Mac OS X. The site isn't trying to be a comprehensive listing of every open-source mac app, instead they try to showcase the best, most important, and easiest to use.


We have listed the best software download sites which we use frequently or once in a while. Different people have different tastes, so I'm sure this list would help you find the best site suited to your interests. If we have missed any website, please do let us know in the comments section below.

If you like to discover new software, check out our Software category for new and useful software and Security category for the best Security software information.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

how to enable administrator account windows xp

Windows XP uses that idiot proof welcome screen where all one has to
do is click the stupid icon of a user and wham! He's logged on.
In every installation of Windows XP, there is a built-in and defaut
administrator user account named Administrator, which is equivalent to
super user or root in Unix system. However, if you have set up another
user account in Windows XP, the Administrator account will be hidden,
cloaked and invisible in User Accounts or Computer Management.
To see the Administrator account, you have to boot the Windows in Safe
Mode. However, you can modify the Windows's registry so that the
Administrator account will be shown at Windows XP's Welcome screen for
you to select, in the Control Panel's User Accounts and in the local
user lists in Computer Management.
1. Launch Registry Editor.
2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList in the Registry
3. Double-click the Administrator key in the right pane.
4. If the Administrator key doesn't exist, right-click on the above
tree in the pane, choose New, DWORD Value, name it Administrator and
press .
5. Type 1 in the "Value data" box, and press .
Note: To launch User Accounts in Control Panel, you can go to Control
Panel -> User Accounts, or click Start -> Run, and then type Control
userpasswords and press Enter.
Once you unhide and reveal the Administrator account, you can change
its picture or assign it a password or change the password. In
addition, on the next boot to the Welcome screen, the Administrator
account will be visible, along with all of the computer's other user

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Google Blogsearch Tips (And a Little WordPress Hack)

Google blogsearch offers some of the default google search operators
and other less-known operators. Here they are, with some tips and a
wordpress hack :)

Oh, as always, google is a little nervous when using advanced search
strings, so sometimes it returns a 404 not found… it's just trying to
display the well-known 403 because it finds the search a bit
suspicious… but the page is missing…
this is a standard google operator, but in blogsearch it really works,
while in standard google it displays a small percentage of the known
inbound links. Finally a way to discover inbound links without using
yahoo or technorati!

search for the given string in post author.
Tip: This is a good reason to use your full name while posting, since
google blogsearch indexes your name! If you want to gain visibility
you should really avoid using a nickname! (well, I discovered this
recently, so my posts can still be found searching for
inpostauthor:"fra" … but this is going to change… this post should be
found under inpostauthor:"francesco mapelli")
Tip #2:The default wordpress rss-comments module does not use the
<author> tag to describe the autor of the comments, so searching for
inpostauthor:yourname returns just the blog posts… but if you hack
wp-commensrss2.php adding

<author> <?php echo get_comment_author_rss()?> </author>

to the comments loop, for example before the <pubDate> tag, blogsearch
will find also your comments.
If you want to test it, just write a comment in this post, wait for
google blogsearch to read the rss (it's very fast, something like ten
minutes should be enough) an check with blogsearch!.
I think I'll wirte a wordpress plugin for this.

update: since wordpress 2.1, the author is included by default in
comments rss… there's no need for this hack anymore :)

search for the given string in blog title: inblogtitle:mapelli

search for the given string in post title: inposttitle:google search guide

search for blogs with the given url: blogurl:http://www.mapelli.info/
or for blogs under the given domain

Google Search Tips (Ultimate Google Guide)

The Ultimate Google Guide can help you to improve your search results
and SERP analysis with less-known search Tips

First Things First
In this Google guide I'll show you some less-known google operators
and search tips. Please note that since this advanced operators are
sometimes used by spam-bot, black hat seos and other people google
does not loves, you may bump in 403-Access denied screens like the one
I showed to you in my Google hates Doughnuts (and Advanced Search
Strings) article.
Don't be scared if this happens, nothing is wrong with you / your pc /
your search, is just google that it's a little nervous ;)

Things to Know
google is not case sensitive: searching for doughnut is the same as DoughNuT
search operators are case sensitive: searching for doughnuts OR donuts
uses OR as the google operator, while doughnuts or donuts does not.
google default is to search for pages that include all of your search
terms. Also the order of your search term is somehow relevant.
google excludes common words (also called stop words) like "I" , "the" etc.
some operators can be combined, while others must be used alone.
Basic Operators
forces words to be included in search results. Useful with stop words
that otherwise will be discarded

prevents a search term to show in results, for example searching for
doughnut -cream can help you to avoid creamy doughnuts

returns documents with one of the given terms, like doughnut OR donut.
You can also use | instead of OR: doughnut | donut

" "
using quotes forces google to search for the exact phrase (including
stop words), try "doughnut at midnight" and doughnut at midnight
(actually, using quotes is similar, but not equals, to
doughnut-at-midnight … it would be interesting to know what is the
exact difference in SERP)

allow to search also for synonyms of the given word. searching for
doughnut ~tips finds also pages with the word help or guide etc.

means every word. try "doughnuts with *"

Used to search in a range of numbers, "2..20 doughnuts" will find
pages containing "I eat 3 doughnuts a day" and "I'll never eat more
than 15 doughnuts in a month"

This operators can be combined to create advanced queries, for example
"I eat 1..100 doughnut OR doughnuts OR donut OR donuts each *"

Advanced google operators
Returns documents modified in the given time interval. Dates should be
entered in julian format (so geeky, but a bit unusable).
Using doughnuts daterange:2454091-2454101 you can find who talked
about doughnuts in the last ten days of 2006 :)

returns links to documents with the given file type.
For example searching for doughnuts filetype:java will find portable
and object-oriented doughnuts.
Currently officially supported file types are pdf, ps, wk1, wk2, wk3,
wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku, lwp, mw, xls, ppt, doc, wks, wps, wdb, wri,
rtf, swf, ans, txt, but other are supported as well, like xml, cpp,
java etc.

restricts the results to the given domain. site:mapelli.info will find
all indexed page on www.mapelli.info, while site:mapelli.info
doughnuts will find all doughnuts-related pages on www.mapelli.info .
update: you can use the site operator also to find your supplemental
results using this query: site:www.mapelli.info *** -sljktf. (taken
from an intresting article about Google Supplemental Index Results by
Aaron Wall)

shows the cached version of given webpage. Other words in the query
will be highlighted in the returned page, try cache:www.mapelli.info

lists webpages that link to the given webpage.
link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doughnut will list webpages with
links pointing to wikipedia's voice for Doughnut

returns pages that google somehow thiks are related to the given page.
Not always accurate.

returns some informations about the given web page. Typically website
and description.

returns the definition of a given word. Try define:doughnuts (in case
you are an alien and you don't know what a Doughnut is 8) )

search in residential phone book. sample: phonebook:smith Los Angeles

returns stock info: try stocks:goog

weather informations for the given city. weather:los angeles

returns all movies related to the search term given. Sample: movie:doughnuts
You can also find movies by locations: movie:nyc , movie 10015

you can search for flights inside USA using the airport code (does not
work for every airport). sample: jfk lax

SEO-oriented Operators
Search for documents with the given words in their title.
allintitle:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents with title
containing 'doughnuts' and 'chocolate'. This operator cannot be
combined with others.

Search for documents with the first word after the intitle operator in
their title. intitle:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents
with title containing 'doughnuts' and talking about chocolate. Note
that the word 'chocolate' is not necessarily in the title.

Search for documents with the given words in their text.
allintext:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents with text
containing 'doughnuts' and 'chocolate'.This operator cannot be
combined with others.

Search for documents with the first word after the intext operator in
their text. intext:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents
with text containing 'doughnuts' and talking about chocolate. Note
that the word 'chocolate' is not necessarily in the text

Search for documents with the given words in their url.
allinurl:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents with url
containing 'doughnuts' and 'chocolate'. This operator cannot be
combined with others.

Search for documents with the first word after the inurl operator in
their url. inurl:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents with
url containing 'doughnuts' and talking about chocolate. Note that the
word 'chocolate' is not necessarily in the text

Search for documents with the given words in an anchor.
allinurl:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents with anchor
text containing 'doughnuts' and 'chocolate'. This operator cannot be
combined with others.

Search for documents with the first word after the operator in an
anchor. inanchor:doughnuts chocolate will find all the documents with
anchor containing 'doughnuts' and talking about chocolate. Note that
the word 'chocolate' is not necessarily in an anchor.

Google Calculator Guide
+ – * / % ^
you can use Google as a calculator, using standard symbols, for example
3+2 returns 5
4-1 returns 3
6*8 returns 48
15/5 returns 3
3^2 returns 9 (3 raised to power 2)
5%2 returns 1 (the remainder after division)

sqrt,nth root ofx
sqrt(49) returns 7, if you need non-square roots you can use for
example 3th root of 27.

sin, cos, arctan, tan…
google calculator supports various trigonometic functions, expecting a
radians value, that can be expressed also using the pi constant:
sin(pi/2), tan (2/3*pi)

returns natural (base e) logarithm: ln(e^5)

returns base 10 logarithm: log(100)

returns n factorial: 3!

Numbers can be entered also in hexadecimal, octal and binary base,
using 0x, 0o and 0b prefixes, for example 5 +0xf+0b1001

Google supports a lot of conversion tools, here is a small guide:

in degrees / in radians
you can convert radians to degrees: pi/2 in degrees or convert degrees
into radians: 90 degrees in radians

in hex / in binary / in octal / in decimal
you can convert to each of the given bases: 16 in hex , 16 in octal,
16 in binary, 0×11 in decimal
you can also use 2007 in roman numerals (in case you're building a
temple and you need to know how to write the year on it)

distance conversions
you can use 100miles in km , 1m in mm, but also 200000 km in light-second etc.

speed, time, temperature
just some samples:
100mph in kph
1 month in seconds
280 kelvin in celsius
50 fahrenheit in celsius

3 € in $ or 3 euros in dollars

I love this…
3 teaspoons in oz
1 cup + 1 tablespoon in teaspoon

There are a lot of others possible conversions, just try! :)

Five Best Linux Netbook OSes - for Now

Tired of Windows 7 Starter Edition? Ready to boot XP off the netbook? Linux runs particularly well on Netbooks, but it might be hard to choose which flavor is best for you right now. Not sure what's out there? We've lined up the five best Linux netbook OSes for your mobile computing pleasure.

What makes a distro one of the best choices for netbooks? It has to be easy to install, support netbook hardware relatively well, and should offer an interface that's well-suited for netbooks. Not every distro will support all hardware out of the box, but some distros are better than others at handling a wide range of hardware. Also, it has to be free to download and easy to get.

Some notable efforts didn't make the cut because they're not far enough along just yet. For example, I would have liked to pick a Moblin-based project like the openSUSE Goblin effort — but it's not quite ready for widespread release. When it's ready I think it will be fantastic, but it's not there yet and probably wouldn't be a lot of fun for all but the most experienced users to try to get running. And, I would have liked to have included an Android-based netbook distribution but couldn't find any community projects.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Right now the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) is my netbook distribution of choice. It's easy to install, easy to use, and the interface is well-suited to small screens.

It also has really good hardware support, at least on the hardware I've tried it on so far. I'm running it on an Asus 10" Eee PC and everything just works, and even with only 1GB of RAM it seems fairly speedy. Under the hood, it's still Ubuntu, so you have the goodies that you're accustomed to on the desktop as well. You'll find an enormous selection of packages in the Ubuntu repositories; you have the Ubuntu One file sync and music store, and so on. For Ubuntu users, UNR is a no-brainer.

Kubuntu Netbook Edition

For the KDE fans in the house, there's the Kubuntu Netbook Edition (KNR). With the 10.04 Ubuntu release at the end of April, the KNR release officially supports the KDE Plasma Netbook Shell that's especially designed for small screens.

If you use Kubuntu on the desktop and like a KDE-flavor for your computing experience, then the Plasma Netbook shell is going to be much more fun. You'll find an experimental release for ARM machines as well, so if your netbook happens to have an ARM processor, it's one of the few options you'll find.

Note that Fedora is also providing a preview of the Plasma netbook interface with Fedora 13, but it's only at a preview stage and Fedora 13 is not yet released. I'm pretty sure openSUSE will also feature the Plasma Netbook Shell as an option with openSUSE 11.3, so if you prefer those distros stick around! They'll be along shortly.


I have an 11" Acer One netbook that, unfortunately, doesn't play really well with Linux. The problem is the Intel chipset for the machine that is one of the few chipsets unsupported on Linux. Jolicloud is the only current release that runs well on this machine.

That's not all Jolicloud has going for it, though. It has a custom netbook interface and is, as the name suggests, designed for working with cloud services. I like Jolicloud's app directory and "social stream" for working with services like Twitter.

Want to keep Windows on your device? Try Jolicloud Express install that co-exists happily with Windows. Me? I wiped Windows right off the netbook as soon as I had the chance, but if you want or need Windows, Jolicloud makes it very easy to dual-boot.


And now for something completely different... if you're only using your computer for cloud services and Web apps, why not go all the way with gOS. This little distro is developed around Google gadgets and services, with Google Desktop search thrown in, and OpenOffice for those of us not ready for all the data to live in the cloud.

You have the desktop apps you've come to know and love with gOS, but also widgets and a netbook-friendly interface that's not a major departure from a standard desktop. Mac fans will enjoy the dock interface as well. Until ChromeOS ships, gOS is a good alternative.

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is not a netbook distro per se, but I wanted to recommend it for more adventurous users who want a really lightweight Linux distribution on their netbook.

One of the primary reasons I recommend Puppy for netbooks is that it's been well-tested for USB installs for quite some time, and it's tiny. Puppy Linux is less than 100MB. You can run the entire distribution in RAM if you want, even on resource-constrained systems like the average netbook. While 1GB of RAM is not a lot for a distribution like Ubuntu, it's more than enough for Puppy.

Puppy is an old-school distro. You won't find OpenOffice.org, or Compiz, or many heavy-weight applications at all. However you will find usable alternatives like Gnumeric and AbiWord. It is not for everybody, but if you want a fast and lightweight Linux distro on the go, Puppy is worth a shot.

Choosing Netbook Hardware

If you haven't purchased a netbook yet, you do want to give some thought to the hardware before you buy it. If at all possible, buy a netbook that already has Linux on it, like the System 76 EduBook or Dell Mini netbooks with Linux.

It also helps to do a bit of research on the hardware to make sure that everything works with Linux well. Many Netbooks feature Intel chipsets with Linux-friendly graphics, wireless and sound cards. Some, however, have been shipped with hardware that only works with proprietary drivers that may not be available for Linux. So before you buy, Google the system and see if it passes muster with Linux. Even if the Linux distro on the netbook doesn't fit your tastes, you can at least be reasonably assured that the system will work with a Linux distro more to your liking.

Linux is pretty powerful on netbooks now, but the next year should be even more exciting with MeeGo making progress and ChromeOS devices on the way. But if you're looking for something today, one of these distros will surely fit the bill.