Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Google Blogsearch Tips (And a Little WordPress Hack)

Google blogsearch offers some of the default google search operators
and other less-known operators. Here they are, with some tips and a
wordpress hack :)

Oh, as always, google is a little nervous when using advanced search
strings, so sometimes it returns a 404 not found… it's just trying to
display the well-known 403 because it finds the search a bit
suspicious… but the page is missing…
this is a standard google operator, but in blogsearch it really works,
while in standard google it displays a small percentage of the known
inbound links. Finally a way to discover inbound links without using
yahoo or technorati!

search for the given string in post author.
Tip: This is a good reason to use your full name while posting, since
google blogsearch indexes your name! If you want to gain visibility
you should really avoid using a nickname! (well, I discovered this
recently, so my posts can still be found searching for
inpostauthor:"fra" … but this is going to change… this post should be
found under inpostauthor:"francesco mapelli")
Tip #2:The default wordpress rss-comments module does not use the
<author> tag to describe the autor of the comments, so searching for
inpostauthor:yourname returns just the blog posts… but if you hack
wp-commensrss2.php adding

<author> <?php echo get_comment_author_rss()?> </author>

to the comments loop, for example before the <pubDate> tag, blogsearch
will find also your comments.
If you want to test it, just write a comment in this post, wait for
google blogsearch to read the rss (it's very fast, something like ten
minutes should be enough) an check with blogsearch!.
I think I'll wirte a wordpress plugin for this.

update: since wordpress 2.1, the author is included by default in
comments rss… there's no need for this hack anymore :)

search for the given string in blog title: inblogtitle:mapelli

search for the given string in post title: inposttitle:google search guide

search for blogs with the given url: blogurl:http://www.mapelli.info/
or for blogs under the given domain

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