Friday, May 27, 2011

100 Great Gmail Hacks for Email Addicts

If you’re a Gmail user, you know that it’s a powerful email tool, even if you’re just using it for basic functions. However, there are so many options and hacks that you can take advantage of to take your email to the next level that it can be worth your while to learn a little bit more about what Gmail is really capable of doing. Read on tolearn about 100 ways to hack Gmail for the better.

Take these shortcuts to work in Gmail faster.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts: These shortcuts will help you avoid having to use your mouse in Gmail.
  2. Use Quick Links: Quick Links can bookmark anything in Gmail to set up quick access.
  3. See shortcuts: Type “?” to get a shortcut popup.
  4. Set up custom shortcuts: You can set up custom keyboard shortcuts through Gmail’s settings.
  5. Use EOM: Type “EOM” or (EOM) in the subject line of a subject-only message, and Gmail won’t ask you if you want to add text to the body.
  6. Shift-click: You can select multiple messages using Shift-click.

Moving & Identity
Move over to Gmail and manage your identity using these hacks.

  1. Change your Gmail email ID: This hack will help you find a solution for changing your Gmail ID.
  2. Change your From and Reply to address: Tweak these settings to show the address you want.
  3. Import your email: You can import mail and contacts from other email providers, and even have messages forwarded.

These hacks will help make Gmail work for you.

  1. Set up repetitive emails: Set up AutoHotKey HotStrings to take care of repetitive email quickly.
  2. Check your POP3 More Often: With this hack, you’ll be able to have Gmail check your POP3 accounts often.
  3. Set Gmail as your default: Go into your settings to use Gmail for Mail To links.
  4. Save notes in your drafts: Keep notes handy by saving them in your drafts.
  5. Look at the title of your web browser: You can see the number of the new emails you have by looking at the title of your web browser.

These tools can ramp up your Gmail experience.

  1. Resizeable Textarea: This extension will allow you to change your text area without resizing your browser window.
  2. Better Gmail: Better Gmail adds features like hierarchical labels, unread messages, and more.
  3. GMAIL Backup Tool: Backup your Gmail with these tools.
  4. dragdropupload: With this add-on, you can drag and drop files directly to your Gmail.
  5. GTDInbox for Gmail: Use this extension to use Getting Things Done productivity.
  6. Greasemonkey: Make use of these Gmail scripts to make everything Gmail easier.

Put these hacks to work when writing emails.

  1. Drag and drop: You can drag and drop attachments instead of using the attach button.
  2. Change your default font and styling: This hack will allow you to change the default appearance of your emails.
  3. Add an HTML Signature: With this hack, you’ll be able to add an HTML signature to your email.
  4. Forward all: You can forward an entire conversation in a single email.
  5. Insert images: Share screenshots and other images with this hack.
  6. Create a mail merge: Use this hack for a mail merge in Gmail.
  7. Quote selected text: In a long thread, just pull out the text you really want to respond to.
  8. Use canned responses: Gmail has a new feature that allows you to save email templates and insert them right into your email.
  9. Quickly address Gmail users: Send an email to another Gmail user just by entering their username.
  10. Go offline: Take Gmail offline with Labs.
  11. Send email from your phone: Gmail has a free IMAP sync with your phone’s email client.

Time Savers
With these hacks, you’ll save time in Gmail.

  1. Preview attachments: Make sure you actually need to download a file by previewing them first.
  2. See which emails are sent to you: With personal level indicators, you can find out if an email was sent to you directly.
  3. Right click to read: Preview any email just by right clicking on it.
  4. Mark unread from here: Mark messages unread from a certain point using this feature.
  5. Convert to HTML: You can convert PDF, Word and more to HTML just by sending them as an attachment.
  6. Download all of your attachments: Use this hack to download every attachment from Gmail.
  7. Add multiple attachments to an email: Hold down your Ctrl key or Shift to add a group of attachments to your email.

These hacks will help you use Gmail as storage.

  1. Scan your manuals: Create PDFs of your manuals and email them to yourself.
  2. Mail yourself disallowed files: Certain files are not allowed to be mailed, but you can save them in your drafts folder.
  3. Backup your messages: You can forward email to a different address just in case.
  4. Use Gmail for MP3 or Storage: Here you’ll find out how to use GMail to store your MP3 files and play them.

You can keep Gmail well organized with these hacks.

  1. Clean up by moving emails: Clean your inbox using Move to like folders.
  2. Create aliases: You can create an infinite number of + aliases for Gmail.
  3. Merge contacts: Use this hack to merge all of your duplicate email contacts.
  4. Prefix labels: Use unique characters to bring labels up to the top of alphabetized lists.
  5. Use Superstars: Choose between several star icons to flag your messages.
  6. Sort by unread: Type “in:inbox is:unread” to filter all unread messages.
  7. Create filters: Filter emails so you don’t have to move them to folders later.
  8. Archive: Tidy up your inbox and put old email into storage using archiving.
  9. Use stars: Indicate special emails with the help of stars.
  10. Manage all your email accounts: Use Gmail to manage all of your accounts at once.
  11. Use labels: Scan your inbox quickly using labels.

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