Thursday, February 17, 2011

Win 7 TaskBar for XP

If you have been trying out various programs and tweaks to get the Windows 7 taskbar functionality and look in Windows XP, here is one excellent freeware that imitates Windows 7 taskbar in XP.


Into Windows posted transform Vista taskbar into Windows 7 taskbar guide just after the release of Windows 7 build 6801, back in October 2008. The guide was simple and it was very effective since there were no Windows 7 themes available for Vista at that point of time (was the first guide available on the web at that time).


Since then, we posted many guides related to Windows 7 taskbar including get Windows 7 taskbar shuffle feature in XP & Vista which helps you add Windows 7's shuffle taskbar feature to XP & Vista.


ViGlance is an free application for Windows XP (read it as only for XP), which can turn around your Windows XP taskbar into Windows 7 taskbar.


Key features:

* Replace Windows XP button with 7's start orb.

* Replace old taskbar with superbar

* Adds Windows 7's grouping feature

* Shows larger taskbar icons

* Adds transition effects


This application doesn't take much of system resources and it's also a standalone application that requires no installation.

|Download ViGlance|

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