Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to hide Files in pictures

Hiding Files in pics(It`s a nice trick to save your data file from unauthorised access in a very simple manner)

# You will need the following.. Windows 2000 / xp
# WinRar

1. Gather your image and the files you wish to lodge into it. Here I have a ajeet.txt which I will hide inside my ashwarya.jpg.

2. Add the files(e.g ajeet.txt) you want to hide into a new RAR archive. (in the archieve name box type ajeet.txt and hit enter. Now ur file is in format ajeet.txt.rar)

3. Open Command Prompt and go to the folder where your files are located, e.g., 'C:\ajeet'.

4. At command prompt type 'copy /b ashwarya.jpg + ajeet.txt.rar ashabhi.jpg' (without quotes).
(ashwarya.jpg is the picture I want to show, ajeet.txt.rar is the file to be hidden, and ashabhi.jpg is the file which contains both).

5. Now test the ashabhi.jpg by double clicking it, and verifying it still opens.

6. Now try opening that same ashabhi.jpg file from menu i.e right click on doc.jpg file you have created : openwith->WinRar archiever. It will show the original hidden file ajeet.txt.

Now ashabhi.jpg is a simple JPEG for others, but it contains a secret file ajeet.txt for you…

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