Thursday, February 17, 2011

icon replacer

We have seen number of free tools to personalize folder icons, taskbar and start menu icons. What if you want to change the icon of an application? Though you can use resource tweaking tools such as Resource Hacker and Anolis Resourcer, here is portable utility which does the same job with a click.

Icon Replacer

Icon Replacer is a portable utility for Vista and Windows 7 operating systems to quickly change software icons with in a jiffy. The tool lets you change the default icon with custom one. For instance, you can replace Firefox browser icon with your desired one.


Before using this tool you need to remember a few things. Make sure that the application is not running before changing its icon. And, also note that it can only use icons that are 24-bit depth or lower.


The tool creates a backup of the original file before replacing the icon so that you can revert to the default one without any problems.


You might also like to try AdSeven Icon Changer to customize default Windows 7 icons.

Download Icon Replacer

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