Friday, December 31, 2010

How to enable RUN

How to enable RUN ? if any viruses diabled your RUN, here's the method
to enable/disable RUN?

If you are a computer user,then you might habe also heard about
virus!there are few virus which do havoc on prey computer and changes
its behaviour drastically!I also use computer and had got some strange
response from computer

for example when tried to hit "win+R" it shown a message stating that
"Run has been disabled by administrator". So i made a simple trick to
solve this Problem.

Most of the viruses are now disabling the RUN command in Windows

This is achieving through the registry open the regedit.exe in your
WINDOWS folder, then navigate to the following,




Then change the DWORD value as 0 to enable , 1 to disable.

You can also do it through REG file( ie , file with extension .reg )
its code will be as like below.

Copy the below registry script and save it as a .reg file ( eg : dxm.reg )





; 0 to enable

If you have any problem with the above methods the follow the below it
will definitely work.

Save the below script as a bat file (eg: dxm.bat) and execute it ……Enjoy !!!!!!


echo. >> Enable-Run.reg

echo [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies

\Explorer] >> Enable-Run.reg

echo "NoRun"=dword:0 >> Enable-Run.reg

start /w regedit /s Enable-Run.reg

After running this file , a registry file is created with name "


", now just run this file and restart your computer , Now ur problem
is solved!!!

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